'How to D of E', Duke of Edinburgh Gold 2016

Introducing G2: Alex Dodd, Jay Ruaux, Anand Bahri, Peter Hough, Harry Beament, Saaras Kapur and Matthew Davies. Our aim, other than to enjoy ourselves, was to record our experience through a video, a personal DofE survival guide, with the aim to provide insight into the dark and mysterious world of the Gold DofE expedition from a student perspective. We wanted to hopefully shine light on some key points which certainly made our expedition far easier and enjoyable, and possibly to learn something along the way.

Working independently of teacher input - and spoken from our hearts - our video was a lot of fun to make; we all thoroughly enjoyed our expedition despite the inevitable hiccups along the way. It was difficult (our feet did hurt for a few days!) but once we got home, after a long sleep on the bus, we all certainly felt like we had achieved something. Looking back, we had developed our teamwork, our leadership and most importantly to us, we had become better friends. I hope our little story inspires others to challenge themselves on DofE. This has been G2, and we hope you enjoy our video- ‘over and out!’

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