The Bancroft's AV Club

As I am sure many of you are aware, a new website has been created this year by the name of Bancroft’s AV Club.  In brief, it is a review site which mainly focuses on music recommendations, but now also includes movie and television ones too.

It was initially started by Mr McGuiggan who later hired Mr Young as editor, and now has a multitude of student and teacher written reviews published. Those who have seen it know how well designed it is, and those who haven't are certainly missing out.

Contributions are welcome from all students (and teachers) who want to write a review on an album or movie they are passionate about, and all reviews will be edited and uploaded onto the site so the teacher and student body can read it. This is a great way for people to practise writing who fancy a career in literature, or just to recommend to your peers what they should listen to or see. In my opinion, the Bancrofts AV club is a great way to talk about what you love and share your opinions with the rest of the school in an enjoyable and friendly environment.