U4 Spanish Exchange Trip - San Sebastián

On the morning of Saturday 29th October, fourteen U4th Spanish students set off to Heathrow. Our destination: the cultural city of San Sebastián in northern Spain. From the moment we loaded our luggage onto the coach to our landing in Bilbao we were buzzing with excitement. Finally, we would meet our exchange partners. But, when we saw them standing on the side of the road waiting for us, the nerves kicked in. The skills we had learned during our Spanish conversation lessons were about to be put to the test.                 

After a well-earned sleep on Saturday night, we spent Sunday touring San Sebastián with our exchange partners. It was a cloudy and misty day, which made the view of the mountains and sea quite eerie. Nonetheless, we were extremely lucky during the rest of the week: highs of above 20oC and lots of sunshine.

The next day we all visited Mount Igueldo by funicular, and the views were stunning. Tuesday was a bank holiday which was also spent with the families. Here my Spanish was really tested, as my partner’s family came over and asked lots of questions. On Wednesday we took a day trip to Bilbao. This included a visit to the Guggenheim Museum, its modern architecture impressed us all. On our final day we visited San Sebastián’s Cider Museum. As well as learning about how the cider was made, we had the opportunity to taste it, along with some natural apple juice that we made from the produce of the nearby orchard. Then, we drove to Tolosa, where we visited the International Puppet Museum. It was interesting but I, and some other members of the group, found some of them quite creepy! The colourful buildings made some picturesque photos too. Lastly, we went to the picturesque town of Hondarribia, near the French border. The architecture reminded me of doll’s houses, and we could get a good view of France from the end of the pier we walked down the pier where we could get a good view of France. That evening I had the chance to try some typical food from San Sebastián, all of it delicious!  It was now that I realised the teachers were right about the city’s renowned gastronomy. 

The journey to the airport the following morning was a sad one, none of us wanted to leave. We had all enjoyed the week; seen some really interesting places, tried great new food, improved our Spanish and made some amazing friends who we can’t wait to see in March! A huge thanks on everyone’s behalf to Mr Urreaga, Miss Morales, and our partners at Axular Lizeoa for an unforgettable trip.

Trips, LanguagesEmily Manning