Review: Holiday Inn on Broadway


On the 26th of October the Drama side of the New York and Washington DC tour went to see the incredible production of Holiday Inn on Broadway. 

Personally, this was the best production I've ever seen. Firstly, the staging and set design was cleverly constructed into two main stages one set in an old farm house and the other on a dance TV show. The story flicked between the two. The plot consisted of an ex-performer retiring from his career and settling in an old farmhouse, where he waited patiently for his fiancé  to finish the last six months of her career to pursue their plan of living in the country-side together. However, all does not go to plan as his fiancé finds herself getting part after part in many broadway shows to follow. The ex-performer's best friend was the man behind this, who would do anything for the spotlight and unfortunately needed a partner to do so.

Corbin Bleu starred in the role of the best friend and performed the most phenomenal tap dances I'd ever seen. The choreography within this performance was beyond words, and I sat with my mouth open in amazement during the whole production. Tap dancers were jumping over skipping ropes and singing simultaneously and this was the success that caused the standing ovation at the end.

The storyline moved on to the fiancé breaking from the ex-performer to pursue her career. This left the ex-performer stranded in the country-side with no fiancé until he fell in love with a school teacher nearby and decided to convert the old farmhouse into a 'Holiday Inn' of which they performed holiday-themed numbers during the holiday seasons, in order to keep in touch with his own theatrical background.

At this point a series of dance numbers, including Valentine's Day, Easter and New Year's themed numbers, were performed and sung by the cast. The dancing within this show was fantastic and so upbeat and energetic, and the show being a comedy too meant that the audience were constantly laughing and were always engaged in the production.

Returning to the storyline, to make matters worse, the best friend now needed a new dance partner, after the fiancé went to star in a solo show, and the best friend decided his new partner would be the school teacher, the ex-performers new love. To the ex-performers horror the best friend attempted to steal his love and take her onto Broadway.

The story moves on to how they all broke apart and after various arguments and petty bickering, worked together to turn the Holiday Inn into a huge success through the use of the media, dancing, singing and of course the ex-performer and school teacher's love story is touched on!

Overall, this was my favourite Broadway show due to my amazement of the choreography and vocals. I loved the tap dancing and the experimental aspect of the dances, especially the use of the skipping ropes and the staging. Corbin Bleu was a personal highlight as he's been a childhood idol and having met him personally after the show I may be a little biased when I say his dance was my favourite!

If in New York and the show is on I would definitely recommend seeing it, I'm sure I'll be back there to watch it again soon.