Crazy Golf and a Turkish Restaurant

The end of the school day for RNa and RNb, and it was finally time to play - our form teacher had organised a crazy golf trip! I changed into my casual clothes and rushed excitedly to the tower to meet my form class, Mr Foley and Mr. Berg. We were eager to start as soon as possible, Mr Foley and Mr. Berg especially as they were the first to arrive under the tower. I really wanted to make sure that every minute was not wasted.

We headed to the minibus and set off with joyful faces; we travelled to crazy golf, thrilled to dream of hitting many holes-in-one. Our feet couldn’t stop moving in the mini-bus as we wanted to play golf desperately. When we reached the destination, we rapidly approached the entrance to crazy golf. We paired up, with Mr Foley joining my pair. We were eventually ready to play!

It was quite ironic that I was better at the shots on the harder holes and managed to succeed in getting a few holes-in-one! There were also others that scored a hole-in-one, such as my partner, Florence. Mr Foley made some fantastic shots and mostly scored holes-in-two. It was very humorous when the balls kept rolling out of the lane, flying into a water hazard, even rebounding when the shot was too weak or hard. After a brilliant game of golf, it came down to counting up our scores which we had noted in our booklets. I couldn’t believe it when it was evident that I was runner up! It was a real surprising moment of joy and achievement.

After that, we ate some delicious food at a Turkish restaurant. We stuffed our stomachs with so much scrumptious sweet bread that we could barely eat our main course. There was green chilli on our main course plates and some of us challenged each other to eat as much of it as they could. This had hilarious, and unfortunate, consequences, especially for one boy who went red in the face and could hardly breathe! The chicken for the main course was outstanding that I was determined to munch it all up in one gulp.

An hour later, we walked back to the minibus and set off back to school. Overall, it was a wonderful day for all of us; I look forward to having another fantastic day like this with my form class.