Harry Potter Week

In the last week of our first half term, the librarians set up a Harry Potter week to celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter.  Different activities took place throughout the week.  For these activities we were divided into houses: West became Hufflepuff, North became Griffindor, School were Ravenclaw and East were Slytherin. There was a house point competition (overall Slytherin won!).

One of the activities was a Harry Potter-themed treasure hunt around the school.  There were various crafts including wand making. All the Thirds were involved in a Quidditch Match one lunchtime, which was good fun even though we couldn’t fly! There was no contact during the game but beaters were introduced 3 minutes into the game and the seeker after 10 minutes. In the match I played in, Hufflepuff won!

The Grande Finale at the end of the week was a visiting owl company.  One of the owls was so silent that we couldn’t hear it flying, even just above our heads when we had our eyes shut!  We were told that the largest owl, the Eagle Owl, would be strong enough to bring a wall down if it flew into it!

It was a great opportunity to spend time with our new friends, learn something new and enjoy Harry Potter based activities.

James Hitching